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Last updated: June 20, 2021, 6:04 pm

Our Purpose is to

Enrich Lives,
Create Value

Our Difference

We are not a gold investment company
we are an asset
management company
specialising in maximising
investor returns through
distressed assets.


Brand Vision & Values.


  • To improve lives through a sustainable global portfolio of life-long assets.
  • To utilise years of on-ground relationships to leverage distressed assets maximising return on investments.
  • To deliver superior operational excellence to move hand in hand with enriching the lives of local communities with strong leadership and systems.
  • To create shared value through the transformation of distressed assets and lead the industry in returns, safety, social responsibility and environmental stewardship.
  • To create an inclusive environment where people have the opportunity to contribute, develop and work together to deliver our strategy.
Where we fit

in the market.

  • We have a unique offering in our space where we raise seed capital into the business of procuring distressed gold mining and property assets.
  • A short-term, high yield investment option.
  • Asset management operating in niche / unique / distressed markets.
Our Key Messages


Investing family capital alongside investors, securing the business with family assets.

Transformation of distressed assets.

Compliance led investment company.

Eight years on-ground experience of physical mining and gold exportation.

Personal relationships and enriching the lives of the local communities.

Ethical and sustainable mining projects.

Socially responsible and committed to regeneration.

Leveraging family expertise to maximise investor ROI (Return on investment).

Humanitarian projects.

The desire to be different, customer-facing focus as opposed to money-driven investment companies.