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Dedicated to the Communities of The Republic of Guinea

As a family, we value loyalty and respect for our fellow humans, wildlife and the environment; that’s why we will never purchase a mining concession without giving something back to the community, as plans are being drawn up for the purchase of a mining concession, so are the plans to detail how we can help the local people.

Our Environmental Social and Governance policy is at the heart of Lusso Tesoro and over the past year, we have committed to regenerating an entire village, provide essentials in healthcare and education, offer well-paid employment to locals and fund the creation of animal sanctuaries.

Accredited by the United Nations Global Compact, Green Mark and the International Organization for Standardization, we ensure that we align to their best practices, policies and procedures, enabling us to operate in the most sustainable manner.


In an industry essential to the modern world, mining benefits the regular person in almost every aspect of their everyday life, from gold in mobile phones and silver in your cutlery drawer to lithium that powers your new electric car. Without mining, the world would be a very different place, in more ways than one.

An unfortunate consequence of mining is the damage that it does to the planet; it’s an invasive process that, without the correct restoration procedures in place, can devastate the landscape, cause deforestation and contaminate water supplies. ​

At Lusso Tesoro, we value transparency and refuse to idealise the impact of mining; our enhanced due diligence enables us to investigate the environmental and climate change risk, energy and water efficiencies and implement plans to counteract the environmental impact.

Our mining concessions are located in areas populated with beautiful creatures such as the Western Chimpanzee and Hippopotamus. Unfortunately, other mining companies have destroyed their habitats in their expeditions, exposing these animals to hunger, death, and even being sold on the black market.

We are committed to protecting the lives of the creatures that inhabit the lands of our mining concessions and have pledged to fund the creation of sanctuaries to safeguard the lives of these animals for generations.

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The communities of the Republic of Guinea have been incredibly supportive of our family for many years and without their help, Lusso Tesoro wouldn’t be where it is today. We believe in investing in the communities that live within our lands and in giving back to those who have helped us throughout the past decade.

Our Chairman, Dave Webster and Directors, Jake and Curtis Webster have spent weeks at a time in the Republic of Guinea and have seen first-hand the issues that need to be addressed. Lusso Tesoro has vowed to enhance the living standards within the community by:

  • Funding the creation of a local school, medical centre and medical staff
  • Offering local employment and paying a fair wage
  • Supplying tools and equipment through agricultural possibilities
  • Providing clean water and environmentally-friendly reusable bottles


At Lusso Tesoro, we ensure that we engage with the leading figures in the legal and finance sector to mitigate risks to both the company and its stakeholders. 

Our Board consists of some of the most well-respected names in industry including Andy Cole CBE, former Senior Director of HM Revenue & Customers, Phillip Jones an accountant with nearly half a century of experience in the industry. Adrienne Kelbie CBE is an expert in nuclear regulation and leading voice on women in mining. Her passion for philanthropy within the Republic of Guinea strongly aligns to the ethos of Lusso Tesoro.

Operating in a legal and transparent manner, our stakeholders can be assured of our commitment to protecting their investments.

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