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Last updated: June 20, 2021, 7:20 pm


Policies & Training

Anti Money Laundering

We ensure alignment to AML regulations and protect our customers and future ventures through stringent onboarding and due diligence processes. Utilising trusted and regulated vendors ensures that we maintain the highest standards with clear and precise risk flagging procedures that feed directly into our Board of Directors.

Data Protection

The 79th Group take data security seriously. We understand that to protect all our clients and employees alike we must ensure adequate and robust security measures are in place. We enforce data protection regulations from the ground up through internal protocols, policies, and awareness, which are underpinned by our appropriately qualified vendors.

ICO. registration number: ZA875939.

Environmental, Social, Governance

ESG is at the heart of our operation. We understand how to meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future.

Our commitments are both achievable and sustainable as they consider global impacts such as environmental footprint, culture, and economics. We continuously review the usage of materials, energy, emissions, and waste as part of our ongoing commitment. We evidence our improvements through external auditing bodies which are aligned to international standards.

Our approved participation in the UN Global Compact and #BEBOLD movement encourages transparency in reporting on our commitments.


Our ongoing relationships and ventures sometimes mean operating in higher-risk jurisdictions. This means that we have a strong view of labour standards. We are committed to ensuring that we, and our supply chain, uphold international human rights standards, laws and regulations and do not become complaisant when faced with challenges.

The Pledge - Your Security, Our Commitment

Giving Back
Clear and transparent profit sharing with indigenous communities.

Improving Lives
Community regeneration, providing agricultural prospects for generations to come.

Making Living Sustainable
Providing access to fundamental human rights such as education, medical supplies and clean water.

Ethics & Conduct

The foundation of our business is the relationships we have made. All of which are based on trust, honesty, and integrity. We operate in a fair, legal and transparent manner with clearly defined processes for disclosure. We set ourselves apart from competitors through our ethics and values.

Supply Chain Management

Our supply chain is an extension of our own environment. Therefore, we expect our suppliers, vendors, and partners alike to abide by the standards we ourselves maintain. We complete thorough due diligence on all suppliers prior to any onboarding and equally monitor their performance to ensure they uphold compliance and legal obligations as well as mitigate risk to delivery. 

Continuous Risk Assessment

Compliance is not discrete it is dynamic. As a gold mining business operating across borders with multiple third parties and financial institutions in many different jurisdictions, the Company has committed to Continuous Risk Assessment.

Risk assessments will be carried out as needed and on a quarterly basis by an independent firm of experts.

This dynamic and continuous risk assessment is designed to not only protect the team, the Principal’s and family members who are directly involved and responsible for the governance of the business, but also to protect the Company’s investors.