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Last updated: June 20, 2021, 7:26 pm

Discover the benefits of investing in a gold mining company

Investing in physical gold and buying shares in a gold mining company have significant differences. Whilst both involve gold, each option involves different risks and rewards.
Oct 29 2020

Gold prices have increased this year but shares in gold mining companies have increased even further. If you’re wondering why you should invest in gold, you can find more detail in our recent blog here.

But here is a brief summary of why investors are choosing gold:

Gold has reached new heights this year:

Starting the year at under £1160 an ounce, the price has seen new highs of over £1550 meanwhile the price of other stocks have decreased. Gold is popular with investors because it flourishes in economic uncertainty, it is hard to recreate and there’s limited amounts of it.

Uncertainty due to the pandemic:

Investors are in a state of panic, mainly because the global pandemic has switched from a health crisis to an economic one. The unpredictability has led to a rise in the demand for physical gold because of its rich history of maintaining its value during recessions.

Why choose to invest in a gold mining company?

Gold mining companies can adjust their strategies to take advantage of different situations and production environments. For example, one of the much higher rewards is that many gold mining companies pay dividends. This is because an increase in revenue transfers into a bigger increase in profits.

Physical gold offers an investment hedge, whereas buying stocks in a gold mining company offers long-term valuation opportunities – and the potential of higher returns. Alongside this, when you deal with gold mining companies you will have more control and vision of your stocks. You will be able to view statements throughout your investment and receive updates from management.

One of the largest benefits of investing in gold mining companies is the control from management, who can use their knowledge to improve and constantly adapt their procedures.

Why choose Lusso Tesoro?

We are a family run business who invest alongside our investors. Our team has decades of experience in mining, finance and raising funds across the globe. Our chairman Dave Webster has operational experience in the gold mining industry, as well as connections, working and living permits in the jurisdictions we operate.

Compliance is of utmost importance to us, which is why we train all of our staff in UK Anti Bribery legislation, UK Anti Money Laundering legislation and the Corporate Criminal Offence legislation to protect our investors.

Whether you’re a potential investor, introducer, or you would like to find out more, call 01704 607013 or fill in our contact formand we will get in touch.